Tandem paragliding and paragliding training in Nelson

We are the leading Nelson based tandem paragliding operator and paragliding school. Nelson is known to offer the best conditions for both, training, and tandem paragliding. As you can see below, Nelson had most sunshine hours in New Zealand in 2009. The sheltered situation in the Tasman Bay provides ideal wind conditions for training almost every day. This is why we chose Nelson for our paragliding school.
We're also importing several major brands, such as Advance or U-Turn. This enables our students to train on top quality equipment and buy at very competitive rates.
We offer longer tandem flights in Nelson. Besides a standard tandem paraglide we also offer an extended service, and an cross country tandem flight.
We really can't wait to get in touch with you and show you the Tasman Bay from above!
Contact us on contact@cumulus-paragliding.co.nz or 0800 FLY TODAY.

Tony and Sebastian
Most sunshine in NZ: Nelson

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